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The most specialized service for camper vans and motorhomes in Slovenia

Service for a camper van is always necessary – regardless of the price, robust design or durability of the camper. Discovering new places by motorhome is one of the most exciting, unique and relaxing ways to travel. But only if it doesn’t break on the way. In order to ensure maximum safety, it must be regularly maintained. Many people think that new camper vans with low mileage do not need service, but unfortunately this is not the case.

High quality service can be guaranteed by our professionally qualified and experienced service technicians who receive additional education and training on a regular basis. In our repair shop we can offer you:

  • regular service for a motorhome or camper van,
  • preventive and maintenance checks,
  • installation of additional equipment,
  • various repairs of motorhomes,
  • hand wash and polish,
  • other maintenance work.

Keeping the vehicle in good roadworthy condition is crucial. Especially if you are going on a long vacation. No one wants to spend their holidays worrying that the camper is not technically perfect, and even less when the vehicle breaks down in another country. You can only ensure a relaxing and calm journey by visiting the service center. As a professional partner in the field of caravanning and contract repairers for insurance companiesSava, Triglav in Generali, we can offer you comprehensive services.

Servis for motorhome is made to the highest quality standards, as all replacement parts are original. Of course, we also repair other brands of motorhomes and caravans without any problems.

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