Glavan Free

Glavan Free




A traveler in the true sense of the word!




Be free and independent wherever you are.

As the motorhome is based on the shorter and lower VW Transporter, it enables easy travel regardless of the surroundings. Travel quickly and easily on the highway, in the city or in nature.
With innovative solutions, you can have with you everything that even large motorhomes have.


The Glavan Free has one of the most comfortable beds for two or four people in a car of this size.
A bed measuring 200 x 150 cm can be assembled in the van. There is also optional bed in the sunroof measuring 195 x 110 cm.
Sound and heat insulation together with diesel heating of the vehicle ensure that the passengers are comfortable

Royal kitchen

Under the lift door there is an excellent pull-out kitchen with a double burner, a compressor refrigerator, large drawers, a useful surface and 50L of fresh water.
The tap is retractable so that it can also be used as an outdoor shower, and privacy is provided by an integrated tent for the lift-up door.

Superior equipment

Compressor cooler 30l
Diesel heating 3.0 KW with additional battery
Wall and floor insulation 20-30 cm
Plenty of storage space and lots of drawers in the back as well as in the kitchen will be more than enough for your travel.
Space for sports equipment and accessories.
Possible additional lifting roof with a bed and a bench that can be folded into a bed for 4 people.
A wide choice of additional equipment, so that you really have everything you want.

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Be free and independent wherever you are.

The Glavan Free vehicle is intended both for everyday use and for spending free time in all seasons.

Glavan Free is a vehicle where size is not an obstacle and small size is not a disadvantage either. You always have everything with you that other motorhomes have, but the size makes you much more flexible both in the city and in nature.


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