Travel to unexplored places, every day

Motorhomes Glavan Free enables you care free exploring in the summer or winter even if it is in your daly commute or long holidays.

With 20 years of experience in rent and service of motorhomes and caravans we decided to bring our own product to the market.
Designed for easy use as a transport vehicle or your home on wheels.
Tehnicaly perfected. Independent.

Glavan Free is intended for everyday use as well as for spending free time.

Glavan Free is a vehicle where size is not an obstacle and small size is not a disadvantage either.
You always have everything with you that other motorhomes have, but the size makes you much more mobile.

We present you the following models:

Glavan Free

This model includes a large outdoor kitchen for best cooking exepiriance, and the most comfortable double bed.

Glavan Free+

In this model, the kitchen is located inside the van. The most spacious van is rewarded with a large closet, water tanks and electrical system. It has 4 beds: two below and two in the sleeping roof.

Ease of use
“Smart” systems
Includes kitchen
Warranty on motorhomes
Easy parking
Sound and thermal insulation

Glavan Free Presentation video

Glavan Free motorhomes Gallery

Download application for controling your Glavan Free motorhome:

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