Glavan Free Plus


Take comfort with you!

Be free and independent everywhere.

Glavan Plus is intended for every day in all seasons.
Great for commuting, weekend getaways or monthly trips.
Independent in the true sense, everything you need at your fingertips.


In the kitchen, there is an induction plate that works on electricity obtained from batteries, solar cells or a running engine.

You don’t need gas in this traveller, because the heating is on diesel, which you also need for driving.

Superior equipment

  • A large bed with cold foam measuring 196 x 166/150 cm will simply inspire you and ensure a deep sleep.
  • You will always have 70 l of fresh water available
  • Double induction cooker
  • Compressor cooler 42l
  • Diesel heating 3.0 KW with additional battery
  • Wall and floor insulation 20-30 cm
  • LED lights
  • Plenty of storage space under the bed (up to 2,5 m long) and plenty of drawers will be more than enough for your travels. You will also find your own space for sports equipment and accessories.
  • A wide choice of additional equipment, so that you really have everything you want.

Take a look at it!

360 tour guide:

Be free wherever you are.

Glavan Free Plus is a vehicle where size is not an obstacle and small size is not a disadvantage either. You always have everything with you that other motorhomes have, but the size makes you much more flexible both in the city and in nature.

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