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Our motorhomes are tested, technically flawless and well maintained.
We assure you best quality of service for any motorhome of our rent fleet!

Glavan Free Green

From 90,00 € / day
2 Persons
Model 2019 VW, 150 HP

Glavan Free + Grey

od 100,00 € / dan
4 osebe
letnik 2023
VW, 150 KM

Glavan Free + Yellow

From 100,00 € / day
4 persons
Year 2022
VW, 150 KM

Glavan Free + Blue

od 100,00 € / dan
4 osebe
letnik 2023
VW, 150 KM

Motorhomes and Volkswagen camper vans for rent, at good daily prices

The motorhomes and camper vans for rent that you can find in our offer are technically flawless, perfectly maintained and checked. We understand how important it is to spend your free time with your loved ones, which is why we guarantee you the highest level of quality of a comprehensive rental service. The latter brings many advantages, from lower costs, limited rental duration, to the possibility of real-time adjustment of the route plan.

Glavan Free and other motorhomes from our offer include everything for a comfortable trip. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, internet and air conditioning. After all, you are at home everywhere with a motorhome. Camper vans for rent are an excellent choice even for those who are going on such a journey for the first time. Due to their size, they offer spaciousness and comfort, but still allow easy maneuverability.

The rental and consumption price, however, will provide you with incomparable savings compared to other modes of travel. Motorhomes offer stress-free travel. Just think, how many times have you had to stick to the hotel’s check-in or check-out time? How many times have you wanted to spend time exploring cities, but had to turn back because it was time for dinner? And how many times did you have to get up early in the morning to catch breakfast? You can forget about a strict schedule while traveling with a camper. Just check the travel policy of other countries before going on holiday, which varies slightly from country to country.

About motorhome renting

Motorhomes offered for rent include everything you can find in an average apartment. The internet connection, which goes without saying, as well as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and air conditioner – all this is a part of life of the modern nomad travelling in a motorhome. Nordkapp is suddenly closer than you think!

Travelling in a motorhome is an experience. No matter your age or travel habits are; no matter whether you rent or buy a motorhome:
this is an adventure that you must go for at least once in your life or, as we like to say: a motorhome will make any place your home.


You will never have to sleep in a hotel again

Did you ever have to change your travel plans because you could not find a vacant room in a certain period? If you travel in a motorhome, you will not have these problems and when you want to extend your stay for a few nights more, you will no longer have to worry about where to find a vacant room. Luxury par excellence! Still, check the policy of motorhome travelling in a foreign country before any trip. The general rule is that you may not sleep in parking lots but book a spot in a campsite or similar place where a motorhome overnight stay is allowed.

Travelling in a motorhome is a way of life.

If you have travelled a lot so far, you will travel even more in the future. Slovenia has a few associations of motorhome owners, which, in addition to regular annual meetings, also organise joint trips. If travelling in a motorhome is excellent, travelling in a group of motorhomes is an unrivalled experience. You will get to know the countries you travel to in a completely different way than if you were traveling by car, plane or travel agency.

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