Terms and Conditions

The rental price includes:

  • compulsory and comprehensive automobile liability insurance with a 1% deductible deductible, covered by the tenant, in case of an accident and his fault
  • up to 350 km / day of rental mileage. If more kilometers have been driven, the excess will be paid on return at €0.30/km
  • vehicle equipment (a detailed description is available on the page of each motor home separately)

30% advance for vehicle reservation as soon as possible

Other before rental

Mandatory deposit €1,000.00/per vehicle before handing over the vehicle !!! If the vehicle is returned on time and in the same condition, the deposit will be returned at the end of the rental.

Payment to TRR AC Glavan d.o.o., Abanka Vipa d.d. Celje, No. SI56 0510 0801 2152 055.

When taking over the car, the lessee must place a deposit in the amount of EUR 1,000/per vehicle as a guarantee that he will return the vehicle in an unaltered  condition and on time.


1.  The lessor hands over the motorhome ready for rent, technically faultless. The lessee must return the same after the end of the lease. The condition of the vehicle is recorded in the record of collection and return and is part of the contract. In the event of damage, errors, etc., the lessor may charge additional costs that he had with repairs and additional work, as long as these are not the costs of the insurance premium. Fuel is an expense of the renter, as are the tolls he has to pay on his way.

If the tenant commits an offense during the rental period or something similar (e.g. wrong parking, driving too fast, … this is his cost.

For a damaged vehicle and equipment or Any accident or injury caused by the tenant during the rental period is responsible and also pays compensation, if the insurance company rejects the insurance due to justified reasons (e.g. drunkenness, negligence, etc.).

2. Both contracting parties must also adhere to the exact rental term. Collection is possible between 14:00  and 5:00 p.m. The renter must return the vehicle between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.!

With prior agreement, the vehicle can be picked up and returned at a different time. Otherwise, the lessor may charge a late fee of €30 per hour of delay.

3. It is forbidden to drive animals in the motor home, it is forbidden to smoke, only the person mentioned on this contract or by agreement. 4. In case of accidents, injuries, breakdowns on the way, it is mandatory to inform the lessor and solve the problem together. The lessee is not allowed to repair things and devices in the motorhome himself.   5. Cancellation by signing the contract is not possible. 6. By signing the contract, the tenant also agrees to the general terms and conditions of the motorhome rental, which is attached.

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