Glavan Free

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Glavan Free


Glavan Free vehicle is designed for carefree exploration and it is the traveler in the right sense of the word.


Be free and independent wherever you are.

The Glavan Free vehicle is designed for every day and for free time in all seasons.

Glavan Free is a vehicle where size is not an obstacle and smallness is not a disadvantage. You always have everything that other motorhomes have, but due to size, you are much more flexible in the city and in the nature.

Top equipment

  • A large bed with a cold foam measuring 196 x 166/150 cm will simply delight you and take you in a deep sleep.
  • Alway available 48 l fresh water
  • Cooker with grill plates
  • Refrigirator compressor 30l
  • Diesel heating VW 3.0 KW with second battery
  • Isolation wall and floor 20-30 cm
  • LED lights
  • Big space under the bed (length till 2 m).
  • Lot of drawers will be enought for your journey. You will find enought space also for your sport equipments and accessories.
  • When you use the cooker and the refrigirator , you still can have your bycicles on the carrier.
  • NEW ! Layout for 4 and 5 persons with the top roof and the bench which both move to the bed.
  • Adittional equipments so that you can really have vehicle you wish.

Layouts :

Vehicle Glavan Free have 4 possible layouts.

Technical data

Chassie: WV Transporter T6
Motor: 2.0 TDI EURO 6
Power: 110 kW/150 KP
6 gear, FWD
Diesel heating 3.0 KW + second battery (original VW)
Cruise control, wheel 16″, package light and visibility plus
Length: 490 cm
Width: 190 cm
Heigth: 207 cm
Weight: 2.200 kg
Max. Weight: 2.800 kg
Seat: 2 , 3 or 4 and 5 (optional)
Bed dim. 196 x 166/150 cm
Roof bed (optional) dim 200 x 110 cm

Serial equipment

  • Heating diesel, cruise control, package light and visibility plus
  • Second battery  100 Ah
  • Isolation wall poliuretan 20-30 mm, floor 30 mm poliuretan
  • Coocker with grill plates
  • Refrigirator compressor 30 l
  • Fresh water tank 48 l, pump 7l/min, faucet – pull out handle, water supply outside with lock
  • Water drain valve 2x
  • Elektroblok, Fit switch for 220V and 12v, elekt.cabinet
  • Light LED 6x, USB socket double, 220V socket 2x
  • EURO socket outside
  • GlavanControl 1.0 (Bluetooth android aplication – shows water, electical state and for switch on/off water pump)
  • 1x side window S7 750x 460 cm
  • 1x window roof 28×28 cm or side window S7 600 x 250 cm (all double glass with net for moscitos and dark rolo)

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